Paediatric Dentistry

Perhaps the greatest fear of children is fear of the unknown. This leads to many unmanageable situations in their lives that are reflected through their huge tantrums, irrational demands and beyond reasoning temperaments. Parents remedy that by bribing them with sweets like candies, cookies, milk, juice and most often chocolates which can cause bacterial growth resulting to tooth decay.

We encourage children to visit their dentist on their first birthday. To make their visit to the dentist less stressful, we have created an activity kit to make them understand their teeth and we practice non-frightening, simple words to talk to them about their treatment.

Here's a list of oral health tips to help your children care for their teeth:

Baby Teeth should be cleaned once they have erupted with a soft washcloth or gauze after bottle feeding or meal. A soft bristled, age-appropriate toothbrush with pea-sized amount of toothpaste can be used to brush their teeth. But do not use fluoride toothpaste for children younger than two years old unless advised by the dentist. We respect both your time and your privacy, as well as any financial concerns you may have about good oral health. Take a moment to contact us via email, telephone, or fax. We look forward to seeing you soon.