Teeth For Life

Teeth differ in shape, size and their position in the jaw. They not only function to help you chew, speak and smile, they also help maintain the form and structure of the face.

People usually have 20 primary or baby teeth erupting at about six months of age. They are often shed at different times all throughout childhood. All 32 of the permanent teeth erupt usually by the age 21.

Eruption is the term used to describe tooth formation. Teeth should grow through the jawbone and covering gum into the month. As the permanent teeth grow under the baby teeth, the roots of the primary teeth dissolve and eventually become loose. The permanent teeth occupy the space left by the first ones, usually by age of six. By the age of thirteen, 20 baby teeth are lost and are replaced by 28 permanent teeth. In addition 4 wisdom teeth will erupt by the age of 21, completing the total of 32 permanent teeth.


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