What Sets Us Apart

In our desire to serve the community in the most satisfying and exceptional way, we implement certain guidelines that is strictly practiced in our Center.

Implementation of Safety and Well Being

All procedures in our office even exceed the guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA).

The presence of the steam autoclave makes all dental instruments and hand pieces sterile after every use.

Patients and staffs are required to wear protective safety glasses during treatment.

Rubber gloves are worn while treating each patient and properly disposed after use.

Staff members wear disposable masks on all procedures.

Plastic coverings are laid on all areas that are touched during the procedures and are changed thereafter to eliminate possibility of cross contamination.

All chairs, lights and units are thoroughly cleansed with disinfectant before and after every patient's visit.

Competent and Highly Skilled Staff

Our staff members are very knowledgeable on all the service we offer. Aside from the high standard of education they have acquired, they have been compelled to undergo an extensive training in sterilization procedures. We grant them all the support to a continuing education course to keep them updated on the most advanced techniques in the industry today.

Security on Privacy and Patient Confidentiality

We protect the privacy of all information regarding all health condition and all treatments done to patients. We allow the patients to inspect their own record, received a listing of disclosure and correct or add information in their record. We encourage them to question when in doubt, give their suggestions if any and raise their concerns or complaints.

We strictly protect all health information which includes details about past, present or future health condition.